Connecting you at light-speed.

Inconsistent service. Need for more bandwidth. Fighting over bandwidth.

Ever feel like your home Internet service runs great one minute and slows to a crawl the next? It’s not your imagination and it’s not anything you’re doing wrong. It’s a matter of bandwidth and it can result from any number of issues—time of day, number of devices connected and download sizes are just a few. Wouldn’t it be nice to have consistent, fast, reliable Internet service. Well, that’s what you’ll get when you connect to fiber optic broadband service through nDanville.

You’ll experience blazing download, upload and streaming speeds, allowing you to use the Internet at home in ways you couldn’t before. All of your wireless devices can get better service in your home and, unlike what you’ll get with some providers, our service has no limits on the amount of data you can use.

Compare some of our broadband service levels to DSL

  • 3 MBPS download/1.5 MB upload — twice as fast as DSL
  • 12 MBPS download/4 MB upload — eight times as fast as DSL
  • 16 MBPS download/4 MB upload — ten times as fast as DSL
  • 20 MBPS download/4 MB upload — thirteen times as fast as DSL