Danville broadband—an investment in our future.

There are numerous reasons why investing in broadband is so important to the City of Danville. By implementing a strong network for technology and communications, we create opportunities and possibilities in Danville that before simply did not exist. Our city already has suitable and available sites and facilities for business, along with a ready and capable workforce. The only element that was missing in order to make Danville a destination for businesses to locate here was a strong enough technology infrastructure. The nDanville project has fulfilled this need.

The results of this broadband investment are considerable. It allows us to create local markets for new services and a more competitive marketplace in which businesses can thrive and create jobs. It also attracts private investment in our community from providers of telecom services that wish to serve residents and businesses.

Colocation opportunities
nDanville has two perfectly suited colocation facilities for service providers and businesses. The CyberPark has individual, fully secured rooms available to providers and businesses. These spaces are ideal for offsite storage and backup systems. There is also opportunity to interconnect with dozens of service providers—the downtown MSAP (Multi Service Access Point) offers direct fiber links to Charlotte, Washington D.C., and Atlanta.

Features of the nDanville network

  • 150 miles of fiber optic cable
  • Active Ethernet symmetrical connections for business clients at 100 MBPS to 10 GBPS
  • Residential customers served by GPON connections at 78 MBPS downstream and 39 MBPS upstream.