Innovation. Information. Education.

nDanville is the first municipally owned open-access, open-services network in the United States. The project was initiated in 2004 to provide the City of Danville, as well as three surrounding counties, with powerful, high-capacity broadband services.

What’s broadband mean for the City of Danville?

By providing better connectivity through broadband services over an advanced fiber optic network, nDanville improves many aspects of day-to-day life in several significant ways. Essentially, we are eliminating a digital divide and putting residents and workers of Danville on a level playing field in the increasingly fast-paced world of digital communications. This improves opportunities for education at every level—in school and at home as well as in career training and development scenarios. Our broadband connections also provide powerful tools for businesses and create opportunities for economic development by opening the network to limitless services offered by the private sector.

Three phases. Endless opportunity.

At its inception, the nDanville project was divided into three phases to systematically begin serving the City of Danville. The first phase was to connect area schools, providing better resources for students and teachers. The second phase, Fiber to the Business, offers greater bandwidth, speeds and accessibility to area businesses and those that locate in Danville. Service to schools and businesses is provided directly from nDanville. The third, final and current phase is Fiber to the Home, which provides infrastructure for third-party providers to offer super fast Internet connections, fiber optic television and digital VoIP telephone service.