Sunset Digital Communications joins the nDanville network

Sunset Digital Communications, a broadband service provider headquartered in Duffield, Virginia, has decided to offer their package of services across the City of Danville’s nDanville fiber optic network starting October 15, 2013. They will be partnering with a local company, Network Innovations, in order to sell and install broadband connections to customers.

Businesses and residents located within the nDanville network’s footprint will be able to subscribe to Sunset Digital’s Internet and telephone services. “The nDanville network was designed to be an open access network in which more than one broadband service provider was offering services. The network now has two providers offering broadband services. This creates competition in favor of the customer,” said Danville Utilities Director of Telecommunications Jason Grey.

Sunset Digital, a Virginia-based company, began in 2003 with the vision of constructing a state-of the art fiber optic network that is dedicated to providing next-generation broadband, communication, and entertainment services to residential, business, and government entities in underserved areas. Today, Sunset has direct feeds into several major cities that give it a global reach. This enables Sunset’s customers to access their data directly from any part of the world with only a single contact for connection management. For more information about Sunset Digital or to sign-up for services, please log onto their website at or call 888-318-6368.

The nDanville network has more than 165 miles of fiber optic cable that extends high speed broadband transport service to business and residential customers.  The network was built in 2004 and serves the City of Danville and southern Pittsylvania County.

For more information, contact Jason Grey, Director of Telecommunications for Danville Utilities. at or (434) 773-8138.  You can also contact Glenn McClanahan, Network Innovations, at (434) 203-7302.